A-Star Robotics Courses Request Survey

This survey is for determining the parent/student interest in A-Star Robotics Courses.

Please select the courses and terms you would like to register if they are offered by AlphaStar Academy.

You can also suggest additional Robotics courses which you are interested in.

  • Introduction to Robotics (grades 4-6): This course aims to teach the basics of working with robots to kids using Scratch programming language and robot kits. The course is composed of hands on projects programming robots.
  • Lego Robotics (grades 6-8): This course prepares students for First Lego League (FLL). Students will learn robotics basics using Lego Mindstorms Robot Kits and work on past FLL challenges. For details please see the FLL website.
  • VEX Robotics (grades 8-12): This course prepares students for VEX Robotics Competition. Students will work on projects of past VEX Competitions. For details please see the VEX Robotics Competition website.
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